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The Bedroom Tour Experience

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

uMkosi omkhulu uyeza reverberates as I leave the bewitching space of The Bedrooms Tour Experience.

“I wanted to create a space where my music can [live]”

ANDYMKOSI, the creator and curator of the event, was troubled by the moulds created in the different performance spaces and naturally dreamt of a space where she can share her most intimate work. A space where there is no line between artist and audience. A space where journeys through music are easily had.

This time, we sat on her childhood living room floor kwaLanga.

In many African cultures rain is revered. Not only for it’s aid in making sure we are fed and hydrated but also the purifying power it has. Some go and wash in the rain and some place a bucket or two to collect an inkling of the power the heavens possess.

Somewhat drenched and beaten by the cold rain we shuffled inside as the calling sounds from Sanele Blaai’s voice and Fernando indicated we have started. The selection of artists for the afternoon were of Jazz, Contemporary Live Music, R&B and the spaces between. They were then followed by Italian Guitarist Singer/ Songwriter, Francesca Biancoli.

kwaLanga, is one of the first townships of Cape Town and has a deep history and contribution in the Choir, Jazz, Orchestral, Fine Art and Theatre scene. A woman of many firsts- playwright, Mam’ Fatima Dike, took us through the binding history of the township and stand out moments which have contributed to the arts until this day.

Mam' Fatima Dike

Langa was named after chief and renowned rainmaker, Langalibalele. Who found himself in the city after imprisonment on Robben Island.

As the voices: Amarafleur, Deslynn Malotana, Tatenda wekwa Tenzi and Chosi, rose; it was as if it was a plea to the rain to purify the space even more. The collaborative spirit within this space oscillated as artists called on a guitarist or pianist from the audience.

During her set, lyricist ANDYMKOSI, chanted uMkosi omkhulu uyeza.

And as I stood there, it made sense. It needed to rain. She needed to go back home for this. I, fellow spectators, her family and artists needed ba sixikixwe ngumculo we- The Bedroom Tour Experience.

Because as we walked out, we were all a-knew.

Link to the full documentary.

Images provided by Bedroom Tour ANDYMKOSI

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